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With the rapid development of China's logistics industry, the quality and efficiency of logistics supporting products have become a decisive factor for the survival and development of an enterprise. Our core business is to develop and manufacture more logistics warehousing equipment that leads the industry. With the rapid development of the country's logistics industry in recent years, providing quality products and perfect marketing services has always been our goal. Now, our products have been regarded as an important choice for the allocation of logistics and warehousing equipment by many large domestic enterprises and institutions and foreign-funded enterprises.

We constantly track changes in market demand, conduct in-depth analysis and research, incorporate the latest technology, and have maturely developed and manufactured various types of high-quality logistics handling products. In particular, the ZGMUTE series of blue plastic logistics trolleys of subsidiaries (Shanghai Zhenggai Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.) have been greatly affected in logistics handling, food processing, electronics, medical systems, banks, schools, commercial buildings, government agencies and other places. Welcome.

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