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What are the characteristics of the silent trolleys produced by logistics equipment manufacturers?

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What are the characteristics of the silent trolleys produced by logistics equipment manufacturers?

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Logistics equipment manufacturer

Logistics equipment manufacturers bring you to understand the characteristics of silent trolley products:

Silent: In addition to the high-performance resin used in the car and casters, the casters of this product adopt a unique silent design (product). This product has been quieted during the walk.

Light and fast: due to the special design of the casters, the starting resistance and the resistance to travel are alleviated. Make this product lighter and faster.

Reduced weight: The high-performance resin (plastic) is used for the car and casters, which makes the weight of the product lighter.

Silent trolley consists of:

The silent trolley consists of a plastic car board, chrome-plated handrails (foldable and fixed), and silent casters (nylon brackets, iron brackets).

The main material of the plastic car board is commonly known as "PP" by polypropylene plastic, and is composed of other decomposable materials. Features Environmentally friendly, lightweight, tough, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, non-slip design.

The handrail adopts SPCC seamless steel pipe with a thickness of 2.0mm. The electroplating is made of chrome plating with three plating and three throwing processes, which is high-grade and beautiful, and durable.

The wheel frame is made of nylon and various other components. It is corrosion-resistant, tough, impact-resistant and has a unique aesthetic.

Caster bearings are made of special 6201 and 6303 ball bearings. The clearance standard of precision bearings makes the casters more lubricated, with low rolling resistance and quietness.

The casters are mainly made of natural silicone, and other formula materials are added to make the wheels have good elasticity, wear resistance and no drag marks. The overall impact resistance of the casters is extremely strong.

related data:

(1) Load: 150KG series mute? The rated load of the trolley must be below 10KG; 300KG series mute? The rated load of the trolley must be below 16KG.

(2) Car board: Test the force of the center position of the plastic car board plus the rated load of 4 times, the board can not be broken, the board bending is less than 7mm, and it will return to normal within 15 minutes.

(3) Handrail: The force of 6 times of the starting force is added to the handrail for 1 minute. After the lifting, the handrail can not be deformed or loosened.

(4) Casters: The weight of the rated load is 3 times to pressurize the casters. After 3 minutes, the test gravity is released, the caster brackets are not deformed, and the rotating shaft and the guide shaft must be free of play and loose.

(5) Silent trolley walking test: In the case of rated load, the speed is 4 km at a constant speed of 4 km per hour. Caster rubber does not cause deformation, wear, cracks, etc. due to heat generation.

(6) The company solemnly promises: If you purchase PLA series and JACK series trolley products from our company, within one year from the date of sale, damage will occur under normal use, and the company is responsible for free maintenance.

Silent trolley use:

The silent trolley is novel and beautiful, and the synthetic plastic body and casters are used to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. The unique mute and transmission technology design makes the trolley go silent and light. It is widely used in material handling industries such as factory buildings, office buildings, libraries, hotels, catering, logistics and transportation.

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