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How much do you know about logistics storage equipment trolleys?

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How much do you know about logistics storage equipment trolleys?

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The trolley is the most commonly used logistics storage equipment in life. It consists of plastic car plates, chrome-plated handrails (foldable and fixed), and silent casters (nylon brackets and iron plate brackets). In addition to the high-performance resin used in the car and casters, the casters of this product adopt a unique mute design. This product has been quieted during the walk. The silent trolley is novel and beautiful, and the synthetic plastic body and casters are used to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle.

The wheel barrow (barrow; hand truck) is a truck that is pushed and pulled by human power. It is the ancestor of all vehicles. Although trolley material handling technology continues to evolve, carts continue to be used as an indispensable handling tool. Trolley is widely used in production and life because of its low cost, simple maintenance, easy operation, and light weight. It can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use, and it is very convenient to transport lighter items at short distances.

Logistics storage equipment


The trolley has a single wheel, two wheels, three wheels and four wheels. The wheelbarrow can be driven on narrow springboards, bridges and small intestines. It can be turned in place and it is very convenient to dump goods. Commonly used two-wheeled vehicles include hand-carrying vans (also known as tiger cars) that carry pieces of goods, strollers, and dump trucks that carry bulk materials. One of the three-wheeled carts has two swivel casters that can be swung around the vertical axis (see the swivel casters). This type of swivel caster can automatically adjust to the direction of minimum running resistance as the direction of motion of the vehicle changes during operation.


Different types of trolleys have different body structures. Most of the GM four-wheeled trolleys have a cargo platform. Special trolleys have a variety of structures, some of which are box-shaped, suitable for carrying light weight and easy to load and unload items; some bodies extend out of the brackets for easy placement of rods, shafts and pipes; some have completely shaped bodies Consistent with the goods, such as gas cylinders; some are very compact, can be folded, easy to carry; some are convenient for loading and unloading barrels of liquid, paper rolls and other tubular goods, the car body has two flat steel to form a low slope, to Conducive to rolling up and down the barrel, such as a cylindrical cargo truck. Modern trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings and solid tires or pneumatic tires for the wheels.

The anti-static trolley is made of stainless steel skeleton, wire mesh plate, steel column and anti-static nylon wheel. The four corner cylinders of the stencil are equipped with adjusting clips and adjusting grooves, which are light and flexible. The steel column is recessed into the groove and the socket every one inch. The piece protruding coil is assembled and assembled, and the required height and the effective discharge of electrostatic charge can be adjusted as needed, and the adjustment is quick and convenient to use. Rugged and durable, the laminate is divided into two types: mesh and plate. The bridge structure has uniform load distribution.

The silent trolley is novel and beautiful, and the synthetic plastic body and casters are used to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. The unique mute and transmission technology design makes the trolley go silent and light. It is widely used in material handling industries such as factory buildings, office buildings, libraries, hotels, catering, logistics and transportation.

According to the different needs of the trolley, there are different specifications (for example: single layer, double layer, hand-operated, hand-pushing, etc.). When selecting, it is necessary to make a reasonable choice according to the weight of the object and the size of the object.

The types of trolleys also include two-wheelers and single-wheelers, which are used in individual rural and mountainous areas in China. The wooden monocycle has played an important role in the pre-arms movement of the Liberation War in China.

Trolley is available in a variety of materials depending on the environment: stainless steel, steel, plastic, aluminum, etc. Stainless steel carts are widely used in food, medical, chemical and other industries. Steel carts are widely used in industry, warehousing, electronics and other industries. Plastic and aluminum carts are light in weight and easy to carry. They are generally used in small warehouses and storefronts. , shopping malls and other industries.


In the world, trolleys are widely used. Generally, European and American countries use more trolleys for gardens, while African trolleys are used for more mines. Middle Eastern countries use more buildings, while Qingdao’s Jiaonan’s trolley manufacturing base is the most famous. It has been serving the trolley users all over the world all the year round. Anti-static trolleys are suitable for storage in semiconductor, IC, food, biomedical, manufacturing and various clean room areas. Anti-static system resistance: 10 to the power of 6 to 10 9 Ω.

The structure of the silent trolley has the following characteristics:

1. The silent trolley plate is made of special resin material or cold-rolled steel plate, which is strong and durable.

2. The plastic car board is attached with a non-slip rubber head, and the surface of the steel plate is covered with a non-slip rubber pad.

3, silent trolley casters, using high-performance resin, effectively reduce noise and driving force.

4, chrome handle is bright and bright, durable.

6, can fold the handle, can save space.

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