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Logistics equipment manufacturers teach you how to maintain the shelves!

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Logistics equipment manufacturers teach you how to maintain the shelves!

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As a modern warehousing and logistics equipment, shelves have become more and more widely used. Although the technology of most logistics equipment manufacturers has improved, the service life of the shelves has been longer and longer. However, it is also necessary to use shelf maintenance for a longer lasting and safer shelf. After the cleaning, cleaning, smoothing, adjustment and other common methods to stop the equipment to maintain and maintain the construction machinery performance and technical conditions of the equipment, called equipment maintenance. There are four main points for equipment maintenance:

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1. Shelf cleaning: The inside and outside of the shelf equipment are clean and tidy. The sliding surfaces, screw rods, racks, gear boxes, oil holes, etc. are free of oil. The parts are not leaking or leaking, and the chips, debris and dirt around the equipment. To clean up;

2. When using the shelf, you must keep it safe: keep the safe operation rules, do not overload the equipment, and install the equipment to ensure that the equipment is safe and secure.

3. The shelf should be smooth and good: for the shelves with mechanical friction, such as gravity shelves, mold shelves, etc., on time, oil or oil change, oil from time to time, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, oil standard, oil passage, linoleum clean;

4. Uniform product tools, accessories, and workpiece products should be placed in a uniform, pipeline, and line should be organized;

The above is the knowledge of the detailed maintenance of the shelf, do not underestimate the maintenance of the shelf, if you maintain it, the life of the use will increase for many years.

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