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Do you know what are the precautions for the storage of logistics storage equipment?

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Do you know what are the precautions for the storage of logistics storage equipment?

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The purpose of warehouse shelves is to improve space utilization, easy access and management convenience, and focus on whether the load is up to standard, whether the structure is reasonable, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, water and electricity protection is over, access management is convenient, and maintenance cost is high. Higher, on this basis, and then pursue the appearance, is one of the more commonly used logistics storage equipment.

Logistics storage equipment

What are the precautions for the shelf purchase? Everyone knows? Next, the small series of Jiangsu logistics equipment manufacturers will take you to understand in detail!

Be sure to pay attention to the following questions when purchasing:

1. Stability of the shelves: The warehouse shelves are all made of steel structure. With the increase of the shelf height and the variable load requirements, there are many uncertain factors in the manufacture and use, so it is necessary to introduce the reliability analysis. .

2, personalized design: the design of the shelf, must meet the requirements of the storage of goods, accessibility requirements, management requirements, and importantly, based on the full use of warehouse space and the previous requirements, consider The limitations of the warehouse itself. So before you buy, you must plan your own, or let the shelf factory technicians tailor it for you, and make constructive suggestions. This will greatly increase the utilization rate of your warehouse, and will also cause problems in the future. The possibility of falling to a low.

3. Process treatment: After the assembly of the shelf, it should be subjected to various steps such as degreasing, descaling, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying and high temperature curing. The quality of the powder is also a good difference. Generally, each shelf company has a standard color, and the standard color of the spray is generally low. If a special color is used, the powder replacement will increase the construction period and waste the powder, so the cost will be relatively high.

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