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Logistics storage equipment


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What is a logistics storage facility?

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What is a logistics storage facility?

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Logistics warehousing equipment mainly includes shelves, stackers, trucks, entry and exit conveyors, sorting equipment, hoists, handling robots, and computer management and monitoring systems. These devices can form an automated, semi-automated, mechanized commercial warehouse to stack, access and sort shipping items. Logistics warehousing equipment can be divided into two broad categories: logistics equipment and storage equipment. However, in today's rapid development of modern manufacturing, logistics and warehousing are inseparable, and the industry standards are closely linked.

Logistics storage equipment


Logistics warehousing equipment is one of the main operating tools of modern enterprises, and it is the basis for rational organization of mass production and mechanized flow operations. For third-party logistics enterprises, logistics and warehousing equipment is the material and technical basis for organizing warehousing and logistics activities, reflecting the logistics capacity of enterprises. Logistics warehousing equipment is the material basis in the logistics system. With the development and progress of logistics, logistics warehousing equipment is continuously improved and developed. Many new equipments in the field of logistics and warehousing equipment continue to emerge, such as four-way pallets, overhead forklifts, automatic sorters, automatic guided vehicles (AGV), containers, etc., greatly reducing people's labor intensity and improving warehousing logistics. Operational efficiency and service quality reduce logistics costs and play an important role in logistics and warehousing operations, greatly promoting the rapid development of logistics and warehousing.


Logistics storage equipment can be divided into: packaging equipment, storage equipment, container unit equipment, loading and unloading equipment, distribution processing equipment, transportation equipment.

Packaging equipment

Packaging equipment refers to machinery that completes all or part of the packaging process. Packaging equipment is the fundamental guarantee for mechanization and automation of product packaging. It mainly includes filling equipment, canning equipment, sealing equipment, wrapping equipment, labeling equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment, sterilization equipment and so on.

2. Storage equipment

It mainly includes shelves, stackers, trucks, entry and exit conveyors, sorting equipment, hoists, handling robots, and computer management and monitoring systems. These devices can form an automated, semi-automated, mechanized commercial warehouse to stack, access and sort shipping items.

3. Container unit

There are mainly containers, pallets, turnover boxes and other container unit appliances. After the goods are packed or packaged by the container, they have high flexibility and are ready to run at any time, which facilitates the integration of storage, handling, transportation and packaging, and achieves mechanization and standardization of logistics operations.

4. Handling equipment

Refers to equipment used for moving, lifting, loading and unloading and transporting materials over short distances, which is an important part of logistics machinery and equipment. From the perspective of use and structural characteristics, loading and unloading equipment mainly includes lifting equipment, continuous transportation equipment, loading and unloading vehicles, and special loading and unloading equipment.

5. Distribution processing equipment

It mainly includes metal processing equipment, mixing and mixing equipment, wood processing equipment and other distribution processing equipment.

6. Transportation equipment

The importance of transportation is mentioned earlier. The unique position of transportation in logistics puts higher requirements on transportation equipment, requiring transportation equipment to have high-speed, intelligent, generalized, large-scale and safe and reliable characteristics to improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs. Optimize the transportation equipment. According to different modes of transportation, transportation equipment can be divided into trucks, railway trucks, cargo ships, air transportation equipment and pipeline equipment. For third-party logistics companies, there are generally only a certain number of trucks, while other transportation equipment directly uses the public transportation equipment of the society.


Logistics warehousing equipment is the main indicator of the level of logistics technology. Modern logistics warehousing equipment reflects the development of modern logistics warehousing technology. In recent years, China's logistics and warehousing equipment has been modernized and automated, and its characteristics are mainly reflected in:

1. The degree of socialization of equipment is getting higher and higher, the structure of equipment is becoming more and more complex, and the links from research, design to production to scrapping are interdependent and mutually restrictive.

2. The equipment has a trend of "four modernizations", namely, continuous, large-scale, high-speed, and electronic, which has increased productivity.

3. Energy-intensive equipment is mostly used and energy consumption is high. At the same time, modern equipment investment and use costs are very expensive, and it is capital-intensive. Therefore, improving the economic benefits of management is very important for logistics enterprises.

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