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Jiangsu logistics equipment manufacturers teach you how to judge the quality of warehouse shelves!

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Jiangsu logistics equipment manufacturers teach you how to judge the quality of warehouse shelves!

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It is prudent to buy any product, because if you buy a poor quality product, security problems will be irreparable. But how do we choose to choose which side to judge the shelf? Today, Jiangsu logistics equipment manufacturers teach you how to judge the quality of warehouse shelves!

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The quality of the warehouse shelves depends on the structure of the shelves. The crossbeams of the shelves depend on the hooks of the beams and the beams hanging in the form of the columns. The hooks of the beams should be better. The more the beams are better, the hooks of the beams are hung. On the column, it is necessary to see whether the contact of the lower column is tight and consistent. The inner side of the hook should be close to the side of the column without a gap. The structure can be stable and the force is good and durable!

Shelf processing: shelf spraying treatment should be average and have strong adhesion. Whether the surface of the shelf is sprayed on average depends on whether there is any omission on the inner edge of the shelf column hole. No omission is the best. You can use a hard object to tap when checking. It is easy to fall off and it shows that the shelf is easy to rust.

In fact, many customers have not paid attention to this, and will not consider the advantages and disadvantages of the shelf. In fact, the quality is the first, and the price is the second. The first thing to judge is the good or bad of a product. The root of the origin, the second point: raw materials, good raw materials is the premise of doing shelves, the third point, workmanship, some shelf factory production and processing of the shelves is relatively poor, and some shelf factories come out in winter, better from raw materials The molding is carried out at a high speed through advanced rolling equipment. The fourth point is to see if there will be bubbles, small pieces of paint and other phenomena after the forming of the rack.

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