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How to safely use plastic trolleys?

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How to safely use plastic trolleys?

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Plastic trolley

1. Using a trolley can reduce manpower and back fatigue. They are usually the best choice for the following activities:

Loading and unloading bulky goods;

Reduce the number of trips that are tripped during shipment.

2. Select the appropriate trolley at work to determine the weight and size of the cargo it can handle:

Special trolleys are only used for special handling purposes (eg, trolleys with bottom brackets can be used to carry round containers);

Determine your handling route and remove any obstructions;

Wear safe and non-slip shoes---Recommended to use the National Security Association ANSI-approved safety shoes to protect your feet from falling objects and wheelbarrows;

Wear gloves to get good friction;

Avoid wearing fat, loose clothes that will trip you and expose you to the wheel of the cart.

3, use the appropriate skills to handle loading and unloading

Bend your knees and straighten your back, doing this with your legs instead of your back;

Don't use too much force, otherwise sudden lifting will hurt your back.

4. Maintain the balance and stability of the goods when unloading

Heavier goods are placed at the bottom;

Do not stack more than the height of your line of sight when stacking goods;

Place the goods toward the front end of the bearing, do not exceed the handlebars of the cart, and then carry heavy loads;

Make sure the weight is stable and will not shake or tip over;

Heavy-duty or sophisticated instruments must be bundled and fastened.

5, operate the cart to get the least physical fatigue and maximum handling

Hold the handle;

Bend your knees and keep your back straight;

Clear all the debris on your way forward;

Push away, don't run;

Take the push method, don't pull it, this operation is not difficult;

Only when you need to enter a small space can you go backwards;

Don't use your feet to try to brake and stop the cart.

Trolley modification

1. There are many plastic carts commonly used, and the frame is relatively small. It is very inconvenient to install large things, and it is not stable. The frame can be modified to allow it to flex freely.

2, in order to facilitate the effort in the cart, here the push frame can be folded into a certain angle.

3. It is a very annoying thing when the cart is going downhill, and it will fall over if you accidentally. Especially in crowded train stations, people who have used trolleys should have the same feeling. They can add a brake device and reduce the pressure when you are downhill.

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