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How to choose logistics storage equipment?

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How to choose logistics storage equipment?

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How to choose logistics storage equipment? This is a problem faced by many new users. Today, Jiangsu logistics equipment manufacturers Changxie industrial equipment small series is a simple example for everyone to introduce. Taking the logistics center as an example, the storage equipment and some logistics turnover equipment are basic equipment. If the goods are not properly stored by the storage equipment, they cannot be shipped to the demander. The more important purpose of custody is to provide timely and appropriate supply of upstream and downstream demand. The choice of storage equipment should consider the characteristics of the item, accessibility, the amount of storage and storage, handling equipment, plant structure and other factors, the main thing is to make appropriate choices according to the function of the storage area.

Logistics storage equipment

The storage equipment selection considerations are as follows:

(1) Characteristics of the goods.

The size, shape and packaging of the goods will affect the selection of the storage unit. Due to the different storage units, the relative storage equipment is different. For example, the pallet rack is suitable for large beam storage shelves, while the medium-sized shelves are suitable for manual handling. For small items or boxes, if special dimensions are available, some special storage equipment is available, and the material characteristics of the goods, such as perishability or flammability, must be guarded on the storage equipment.

(2) Accessibility of the shelves.

General accessibility and storage density are relative. That is to say, in order to obtain a higher storage density, it is necessary to sacrifice the accessibility of the article. Although some shelf types can achieve a large storage density, the storage management is complicated. Only the three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be developed, the accessibility and storage density are excellent, but the relative investment cost is relatively expensive. Therefore, what type of storage device is chosen can be said to be a compromise between various factors and a strategy application.

(3) The amount of goods shipped and stored.

Some types of racks have a good storage density, but the amount of storage is not high, suitable for low-frequency operations. The amount of storage and storage is very important data, which can be used to select the appropriate storage equipment type. Regarding the comparison of the amount of inbound and outbound storage, whether there are first-in-first-out requirements, such as food and medicine, it is necessary to take into account the inventory management methods of each variety.

(4) All kinds of handling equipment.

The access operation of the storage device is done by the handling device. Therefore, the selection of storage equipment must consider all types of handling equipment. The width of the rack channel directly affects the form of the stacker, which is a counterweight or narrow lane. In addition, storage equipment for lifting and lifting capacity must be considered.

(5) The user's plant structure considers the effective height under the beam.

Beam position will affect the configuration of the rack. The strength and flatness of the floor are also related to the design and installation of the rack. In addition, a series of factors such as fire protection facilities and lighting facilities must be considered.

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