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Foldable metal cage

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Foldable metal cage

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Foldable metal cage

Foldable metal cage

Foldable metal cages are more commonly used logistics storage equipment, and the main structural materials are made of metallic iron. The surface adopts international advanced electrostatic spraying to make the product beautiful and durable. Mainly have the following characteristics:

One foldable, stackable, making full use of space for stereo storage;

2. Stacked after empty loading, reducing floor space, facilitating recycling and reducing logistics transportation costs;

Three semi-open doors can be realized before and after, which facilitates cargo access operations;

Four front and rear door hanging buckle connection, the operation is simple and quick;

5. The fixed left and right columns are equipped with built-in pin-connecting devices, which are flexible in folding;

Six storage workpieces are fixed in number, easy to inventory inventory;

Seven surface spray treatment, beautiful and durable.

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