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Logistics trolley

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Logistics trolley

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Logistics trolley

Logistics trolley

The logistics trolley, also called the loading trolley or the cage car, is a unit mobile assembly equipment for transporting and storing materials with four casters. It is often used for logistics distribution in large supermarkets or logistics turnover between factory operations.


The trolley casters are all equipped with 6*2 two-position two-side brake rubber wheels;

1. The logistics industry and the production industry carry the sharp tools to make the production line space do its best;

Second, plan production, save manpower, reduce costs, to achieve high capacity, high quality;

Third, the mainstream of product handling, to ensure the safety and reliability of personnel and articles in the handling process;

Fourth, the storage space is large and flexible, and the foldable collection does not occupy space.

5. With labeling and clear process operation, the transportation is light and flexible and easy to operate.

Sixth, high mobility, beautiful structure, surface electrostatic spray treatment, long service life.

Seven, can be attached to the safety belt, the fixed rod loading and unloading speed is fast, can be transported together with the truck, can be folded and stored, does not occupy space for transportation.

Eight, professional design, easy to operate, save time and effort. Widely used in the logistics and distribution industry and processing and manufacturing industries. A must-have for handling small items, handling, storage, and display for multiple purposes.

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