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Analysis of the Influence of Logistics Warehousing Equipment on the Development of Shelf

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Analysis of the Influence of Logistics Warehousing Equipment on the Development of Shelf

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Strictly speaking, the shelf is a kind of logistics storage equipment. It is a carrier and is different from the vehicle and other transportation tools. However, the logistics equipment we refer to in this article refers to the logistics equipment outside the shelf. Multi-finger handling equipment.

Logistics storage equipment

The early shelves, one moved to the manual work, so the shelves are mostly medium-sized shelves, only according to the customer's inventory requirements, customized specifications, design different channel sizes, of course, the shelf development is relatively weak, the shelf The processing cost is relatively high, so the angle steel shelf is still the preferred choice of customers at that time.

With the forklift's past, more and more customers put the goods on the pallets and use the forklift to carry the freight to improve the work efficiency and the safety factor of the distillation. The earliest is mainly the firewood and the car. The radius is large, so when designing the shelf, the over-maintenance is reserved for more than 4 and a half. In order to control the cost and the actual operation, many enterprises use the stacker to reuse the forklift. It is mainly driven by electricity, and In use, the license can be removed from the restrictions, the price is cheap, and the turnover radius is small. Therefore, under the premise of using the stacker, the shelf aisle design can be controlled at about 25 meters, which greatly improves the storage rate of the warehouse.

Today, with the development of intelligent development, the way of warehousing software combined with automated warehouses has been paid more and more attention by enterprises. It is mainly automated three-dimensional, but the cost of automated three-dimensional warehouses is high, which makes many enterprises discouraged. The use of shuttle shelves to automate warehousing is a way for most companies in the country to consider.

In short, the development of logistics equipment is coordinated development. Shelves and other logistics equipment are interdependent. The development of shelves is inseparable from the development of other logistics equipment, and the development of shelves has promoted the development of other logistics equipment.

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