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What are the general principles for the selection of logistics equipment?

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What are the general principles for the selection of logistics equipment?

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The selection of logistics equipment, in addition to the needs, should also be adapted to local conditions, combined with the operation site, the type and characteristics of the goods, the size of the cargo, the type of transport vehicle or ship, the transportation organization method, the storage method of the goods, and the equipment in the logistics system. Role, etc., consider redesign, manufacturing or acquisition, and conduct technical and economic arguments to select the optimal solution. The general selection principles of logistics equipment manufacturers are as follows:

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1. Meet the characteristics of the goods

The chemical and physical properties of the cargo, as well as the external shape and packaging, vary greatly. When selecting a loading and unloading machine, it must be consistent with the characteristics of the cargo to ensure the safety of the work and the integrity of the cargo.

2. Adapt to the needs of the flow of materials

The production capacity of logistics equipment depends on the size of the material flow, and equipment with less investment and proper production should be selected.

3. Corresponding coordination of various logistics equipment

The choice of logistics equipment must fully consider the type, structure and performance of each equipment, integrate them into the logistics system, and strive to rationalize logistics.

4. Economical and usability of logistics equipment

When selecting logistics equipment, each equipment should be flexible to operate, convenient for maintenance, long service life, low cost of use, low energy consumption, high productivity, and fewer auxiliary personnel.

5. Should have advancement and surplus

With the rapid development of logistics demand and logistics technology, when selecting equipment, it should be considered in the long run so that they can meet the changes in the near future and adapt to economic development. This is also an effective way to reduce investment and improve adaptability.

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